Our specialty is teaching people new to yoga how to be successful the very first time they un-roll a mat, so they can enter the ultimate yoga experience without fear to push their inner athlete to their edge and stretch life. Adults who have never done yoga or has never done yoga in the heat starts in Our Beginner’s Saturday 9:30am-10:15 am Class. We found that people that start here, are the Winners of All the Benefits of Our Style of Yoga. They have the very best start to developing something they love to do because it’s fun and they leave FEELING GREAT. We only teach 6 people at a time. Read the Start Here Info to find out how to get one of the 6 Free Spots. Big Success Secret I am about to reveal. If you want to do yoga with your kids or you want them to do it for themselves, we found that most want to take that step on their own. I know you love them and want to do cool things with them and maybe they still want to do with you yet most want to do it on their own. It’s these steps we need to cultivate in them so they will discover cool things on their own when they get to college. We found that people under 22 have their best start plunging into whatever class they want to go to. Beginner’s anything isnt where they want to start. Their minds make them feel invincible which is why they rock their first classes. Now if they are 7-10 ish, us parents are still cool but they still want to try it on their own. Bring them when you have been doing yoga for a month and let them pick whatever space they want. Dont try to help them or correct them. Discovery is what they love. We do ask that you bring them in 20 minutes before class so we can talk to them about the class: we’ll talk about going to the bathroom before class because once in the studio, we dont want them running in and out as its disturbing to everyone else. We also dont want them talking in class or bothering you. We have lots of kids on mats so we are really good at making them like their experience. My favorite experience was developed last May when clients wanted a class just for their parents with young active minds and want their parents bodies to feel great too. We developed Silver Toz. We have a Beginner’s Series on Monday’s for people 65 and older at 10:00am. We want the experience to be amazing for them so we only start 2 people in this class each week. An appointment is a must.

Text Denice at (813) 431-8033 to schedule when you get to start at FPY!












Today, there are many different fitness opportunities you can choose to keep your body fit. Our approach has landed over 2300 clients who a one-of-kind experience that leaves them FEELING GREAT. We don’t offer fitness classes or yoga classes with instructors. We are 500 hour of training in the class rooms all over the country that guide FPYers to have an unmatched experience that positively impacts their health like nothing out there can or does. We are experts at precisely calling when your inhale needs to happen and when your exhale needs to happen to link each pose to establish the most important connection you need: The connection of your mind and body. Think about it. When you are hurt or ill, you see a doctor, then maybe a specialist for your body. If you experience trama, anxiety, stress, you may see someone to help restore your mental health. What yoga does is ignites your body and mind to fire up your internal stress management mechanism: your parasympathetic nervous which is responsible for stimulation of “rest-and-digest activities that occur when the body is at rest especially after eating, digestion, sexual arousal, salivation, elimination. Now our Style is a fast paced yoga (FPY) where we move from pose to pose. How in the world are we resting and burning 600-800 calories? That’s what is special about us! We know how to keep you in that resting point by what we call FLOW. Flowing how we do brings your cortisol levels down and that is why people feel great. It’s also why just adding yoga poses at the end of the work-out like some fitness places do has only the benefit of stretching. All other fitness keeps you in the Sympathetic Nervous System. Why settle for a work-out that just gives you a better butt risking long term injury that occurs way to often in the fitness world? You finally get the motivation to exercise, select something you see or your friends do, are taught by an inexperienced instructor who spent a weekend getting certified. If they dont have a four year degree in Sports or Exercise Science, run away… long term injury can be devastating for your esteem, how you move and feel and your wallet to recover The intention of exercise is to feel great. The better butt, smaller waist, sculpted arms happen as a consequence of doing our style of yoga. They are not are end result. The end result is to FEEL GREAT. Every decision we made to create FPY had the sole goal of making bodies feel great, minds work clear and your stress mechanism operate the way it was intended to operate. We are the Premier Hot Yoga Studio because of the experience you will get to lead to Feeling Great. The investment you make in your health today will reap benefits today yet it is the benefits of a long term yoga practice that keeps you coming back everyday. And we havent even got to the part that we take teaching you seriously yet we are like a big huge party that everyone is invited to and feels as if they are part of the party, If you are looking for a quiet, OM style class where no one talks to each other and everyone is so serious in class, we are not the best fit for you yet if you are new to yoga or limited in your experience, love the fun vibe of a great coffee shop or Desire to be like Norm on Cheers when you walk through the door, we will soon be your second home!   



Our Hot Yoga Studio is not like Florida Heat that causes us to stay in our cool homes! It is a specially designed heating system that delivers an environment that makes you feel so go in once you acclimate to after your 3-5 experience at FPY. It’s 90F +/- 6. Most studios can achieve this with adjustments to HVAC systems, additions of radiant wall or ceiling panels or cheap space heaters. What they can’t do is balance the humidity in the room with the heat to 65%. What they can’t do is filter the air when it gets to 1200 parts per million carbon dioxide. What they can’t do is exchange the stale air with fresh UV Filtered Heat. When you can do all three, Hot Yoga feels like death yoga. At FPY we made the 28K investment to give you a perfectly balanced environment of heat, humidity, air exchange and air flow to create the most addictive environment to work out in. After FPY there is no way you will ever want to go into a 68F gym or do yoga without heat. We know this because it is what people tell us everytime they try something else out because their friends say Yoga isnt for them because they havent been here and drag their friend to some pop up gym that invests in a space, throw in a few pieces of equipment and call is something catchy.


  • Heat removes the toxins from your body and promotes circulation and vitality.

  • Heat increases blood flow to your muscles, reducing injuries as you become more flexible.

  • Heat allows past injuries to rehab quickly. We have lots of people who do their rehab exercises here versus take the class. Why want them using the heat to get better quicker.

  • After being open for 7 years we invested in a cool room three years ago. Absolutely no one wanted to be in the cold after knowing how amazing the heat feels on your body.

How do we get the room hot?

We start with an energy efficient state of the art heating system, variable temperature control, dual fans, and 3 humidifiers maintaining the humidity at 65%.

Our air purification system consists of multiple filters and an ultra-violet light sterilizer, pumping fresh clean air into the room through our uniquely designed perforated duct sock to regulate the flow of heated air.

In addition to the external heat, you will create an internal fire as you move and breathe.

Through movement and breath, our bodies heat up…creating an energy that transforms our Hot Yoga room into a vibrant studio with a buzz you can feel. Don’t believe us… come see and ask people as they leave classes. They love the sweat created externally and internally!


  • Bring a towel – you will need it. You can also use the corner of your KULAE HOT YOGA MAT

  • We want you to stay hydrated. Drink up before class with water, diluted juices or your favorite electrolyte cocktail!

  • During class, if you are feeling dizzy, child’s pose is a great way to maintain your focus. This is a typical reaction your first time to FPY. It passes quickly when you go into Child’s Pose and goes away completely after a few times on a mat.

  • After class, keep up with your hydration! We have bottled water for sale in our lobby. We are working on real coconut libations



We wanted a floor that allowed for maximum shock resistance when people jump high doing burpees, jump wide during jumping jack, use weights to increase strength and above all we wanted a floor that allowed people to feel powerful! Powerful when they jump forward during our yoga flow by knowing we will do whatever it takes to create an environment where everyone can begin feeling great no matter if they had knee and hip replacements, past injuries from sports or fitness programs or just feel they are getting older and need some cushion for jumping to keep their joints healthy and working well. We also wanted a floor that would not let sweat penetrate through the material surface. We search and searched and searched! We found what we thought would be perfect, packed up and went to EPIC YOGA in Nashville to practice yoga for the weekend while experiencing how the floor felt on our bodies, how easy it was to clean and more importantly how the people who practice on it each day felt versus being at studios with beautiful hardwood floors, THEY LOVED IT! We placed a 12K order and it has been one of our best decisions for our customers! Some studios use cement floors… run away! Your joints deserve better than hard, cold cement. Some use carpet or porous hardwood… run away! Your face will be close to the floor and you want an ultra clean germ free floor to be between your face resting on your mat. The investment to give a world class floor to us was a no brainer. You deserve the very best environment to feel great in!


Hot Yoga at FPY requires a mat that can soak up the sweat, keep your hands from slipping forward to prevent shoulder injuries, grips to our flooring and has the ability to be washed once a week in the washer and dried in the dryer. We worked for the past five years with KULAE to develop a mat exclusively for our needs. When you say we are your new second home, you will want to purchase a KULAE mat. It’s your piece of sports equipment. Sometimes people get frightened by the cost as it’s $85. They have seen mats at Target for $8.00. Why cant they just use that mat? There are a few reasons: the mat will fall in a few months in the heat. Maybe your thinking “NO WORRIES ! I’LL GET ANOTHER ONE.” There are a couple issues with that line of thought. The main reason you want a KULAE is for the safety of your body in class. A foam $8.00 mat will become a slip & slide. Another reason is that you cant wash it well so it starts to stink. If it stinks it is unpleasant to you as well as everyone around you. (The knock off KULAE’S really stink after a few months) . The last reason is the cheap mats ruin our floors by causing the mat color to bleed onto our floors. They also leave a pile of tiny pieces on the floor which is really gross if you are the next person to put your mat there. We did the research and development to create a mat that is perfect for your body, plan on making the $85 investment. You will see almost everyone has a KULAE. Second best mat is a Lululemon mat but it is heavy, hard to keep clean and too hard to travel with on vacation. The KULAE folds into a square and adds very little weight to you suitcase.


Denice McClure


Masters in Polymer Chemistry from Case Western Reserve University

Creator of Fast Paced Yoga . . . FPY


Mom of 3

Live Love Teach (500 Hour Certified)

Over 15,000 classes taught . . . and still counting!


Christie McClure

Youngest 500 Hour Teacher in the Country at 12.

Head of Teacher Training

IB Diploma Graduate from LOLHS with Summa Cum Laude

Working on BS at USF  in Cell Biology


Not a Mom yet! Thank God!

Owner’s Daughter

Live Love Teach (500 Hour Certified)

Over 10,000 classes taught . . . and still counting! 


Priscilla Patapoff-2.jpg


BS in Public Health & Nutrition from USF

CFO of Florida Power Yoga

Creator of The FPY Way


Mom of 2


FPY 500 Hour Certified

Over 2,000 classes taught . . . and still counting!


Kathy Quayle

BS in Business from USF

CFO of All Season Air Conditioning & Heating Inc.


Mom of 2


FPY 500 Hour Certified


Bridgette Vital

Working toward MBA


Trains for the world's largest mobile company

Mom of 2


FPY 500 Hour Certified


Kavitha  Marudur

Masters in MIS from USF


Downtown Tampa IT Specialist

Mom of 1


FPY 500 Hour Certified



Suyen Stevenson

CEO of Yen Graphics


Bachelor's in Graphics and Art Designs

Creator of our Branding Products

Mom of 2


FPY 500 Hour Certified

We specifically selected our teachers. We wanted them to be like our customers to understand what goes on as a mom, spouse, employee, friend, caregiver. We selected them because they loved FPY as much as we did. We trained them over a year then offered them each an apprenticeship. They are busy like you so some may go a few months or longer without teaching yet they are our team and we love that they love you as much as we do!

Our Flagship Studio is tucked away in the small city of Land O' Lakes. We wanted to prove that in a small city, we could capture marketshare from as far as 45 minutes away. And WE HAVE! 1,800 members strong!

Come see why people choose to drive from all over to experience FPY.


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Wilderness Plaza

(813) 431-8033‬

7016 Land O' Lakes Blvd. 

Land O Lakes, FL 34637

Please Note: We are closed from 11:30AM to 5:00PM each day.