February Challenge

Nickel & Dimes Challenge: Walk in the door, grab a stack of coins and get ready to move through as many sets of two exercises in 7 minutes. The challenge is designed to amp you up before a Slow Power Experience.  Are you ready to "change" your fitness level?  Maybe picture of Nickles 7 Dimes

Grand Prize is a Case of Trader Joes 1.99 wine!  What do you want? The challenge is Free!

March Challenge

"Burpee Test,  Mother FPYer.” Starts March 28th and goes through April 17th. It's 100 Burpees! Under 9 minutes and you are Seal Like. Under 11 minutes and you are in good shape. Under 15 minutes and we are working for better fitness. Over 15 minutes and we are on to the next class. 

April Challenge

Up the Anti!  April 30th through May 20th. 

No Excuses Summer Challenge

May 28th though August 28th. We been doing this yoga thing for 6 years now.  Let's get real here. Guess what happens in the Summer?  People stop making themselves a priority and everyone and everything else a priority.  This summer is your NO EXCUSES SUMMER!   Sign a Commitment Letter to yourself to not let excuses de-rail you and lets do this summer together!  We got mega  mini challenges  to keep your eyes on the prize!

Pumpkin Challenge:

October 8th to October 28th

Red Bow Challenge

November 4th through Dec 19th. We defeat the Holiday Pounds Saga Together!  The holidays come and we enjoy them rather than dread them at FPY.  We measure your waist with a red Bow on November 4th and again on Dec 19th.  Last year our Red Bow Challenge Winner lost 4"inches and every person measured lost at least 1/2' in their waist during the hardest time of year.