Early UP/ Early WIN:

Partner Up! Think you want to pull the covers over your head when the alarm clock rings o get you up for SAVAGE on Tuesday and Thursday at 6:30am, you probably will re-think it because your partner is counting on you to show up for 12 classes! Winning team with most points gets a free month of yoga in October. If there is a tie, we’ll create a tiebreaker! One team wins! Yet Everyone wins the day!

Red Bow Challenge

November 4th through Dec 19th. We defeat the Holiday Pounds Saga Together!  The holidays come and we enjoy them rather than dread them at FPY.  We measure your waist with a red Bow on November 4th and again on Dec 19th.  Last year our Red Bow Challenge Winner lost 4"inches and every person measured lost at least 1/2' in their waist during the hardest time of year.