You make a dentist appointment every six months right? However, it's not the dentist appointment that leads to a great outcome. It's the 2 minutes twice a day (3-5 if you're OCD . . . lol) brush and floss everyday in between those 6 months that provide a positive dental experience. Our commonality is the same. Your body moves for you 24/7. It needs at least 30 minutes a day to operate at maximum strength. Our classes are designed to do just that. Each class is 45 minutes long. Did you know consistency is the key to aging well? Don't let a busy schedule take over your life. Make "YOU" a priority! Choose a class below and schedule today! It'll be the best health investment you've made yet!


Our signature class! We teach Hot Power Yoga better than anyone in the state of Florida! We do because we are masters at it. It’s our niche and we do it everyday over and over. We know how to move people powerfully from one pose to another. We dont play music as that’s for teachers who hide behind the music and dont know where the breaths belong to make you feel good from pose to pose. We call every breath for the first 30 minutes. We link breath with movement to create a sweat dripping, powerful and challenging workout! The name says, "Slow" but our speed feels fast. We slowly build speed going up the mountain to build internal heat and energy to be utilized to open our tightest areas on our bodies. All you have to do is INHALE when we say Inhale and EXHALE when we say exhale, look right and left if you need to know what poses look like and be ok being Messy. We never ASSIST people. This means touch them press on them or adjust their poses. It’s weird, freaky and no one should touch your body unless there name begins with DOCTOR. As teachers, we teach to the people on the mats. That means if we have lots of beginners, we teach differently than we would if we have many experience people. If we have a nice mixture of beggipnners and experienced people, we know how to make the experience powerful for both. People like our Yoga infusion classes yet it’s our Slow Power that delivers the ultimate experience for your body. It has the highest cal burn, most benefits and triggers our stress management system to help lower cortisol levels. When someone does SLOW POWER exclusively, they see the most changes to their bodies and minds.

If you are looking for traditional slow, spiritual based, relaxing yoga and want to try us for yoga, we think you will be disappointed. I have found that you are better off finding another studio. We don't OM at FPY! We laugh out loud! We have kids in classes. It’s never quiet when you walk in the room and it’s very social. If you you want to try, awesome! Maybe we’ll convert you to what I call American Yoga. If you try, please dont slam us on social media because we work really hard at our niche.


This is where you START at FPY! It’s each Saturday from 9:30am-10:15am. You need to make an appointment with Denice by texting (813) 431-8033 to schedule. We book this class fast! Grab your spot , keep your appointment and wear work out clothes. We’ll take care of mats, waters and towels. We don’t charge for this experience because we want to give you the very best start at FPY which means treating you like a VIP. We only book 6 people. This class is for adults from 22-65.

If you have parents, 65 and older we have the very best experience for them: it’s social, fun and gives them back the mobility they may have missed. The movements are the movements their bodies need. We are in the middle of becoming a Silver Sneaker Location. Going into a gym to work out when you are 65 and older is great if it has been a habit done for years but far too often, these environments are not good for your parents. I say this because gyms will have trainers that want to work with your parents at a high cost and they may not have the expertise to know what a 78 year old bodty teally needs because they dont have high level training. They have an on-line or weekend certification. Plus most gyms are filthy. The clients dont wipe down machine and the next thing you know, everyone is getting the flu or a cold that goes there.. We are germ o phobic about our floors, door handles inside each room , bathrooms spray bottles and ipads. People are befoot so we take germs seriously. We installed a 12K floor with a microbial layer that prevent germ entrapment in the floor. We want to use our experience, our educations, our knowledge to develop a program that your parets wil leave FEELING GREAT again. It’s called Silver Toz. We meet with 2 people interested in Silver Toz each week at 9:15am on Mondays.

For kids from 7-22 we highly recommend they plunge into any class and that you let them do it by themselves. There will be lots of time in life they want to do yoga with you but at first , let them soar on their own!


A combination of our fast paced yoga with cardio and abs exercises to strengthen your core to keep your spine healthy and your abs feeling strong to carry you upright all day. It’s done at 90F and 65% humidity with fun music. People love this class so come early to get your spot!


We only offer this at 6:30am on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s. It will make you want to get your work out in early because it’s so fun and the group that goes are a super fun group. Each 45 minute class is different: it’s yoga mixed with everything.


We had HIIT mixed with yoga first at LOL seven years ago! A client, Dale Miller, was a big Cross-fit Competitor. He created this class. He soon left Cross-fit due to repeated injuries and now loves Power Yoga and feels great! HIIT by itself is too hard on your body. HIIT the way we do it is powerful and invigorating.


We combine it all into 45 minutes of mashed up fun mixed with yoga!


Our signature slow power done on the grasslands. This is a speciality class offered in the fall and winter.


Power Sculpt is an overall sculpting class of yoga and 5-12 pound weights.


Slow Power Yoga is by far the most challenging class with the highest cal burn because you are using all 611 muscles yet we get people like a little cardio so we have a 15 minute HIIT class before Slow Power…it’s like a shot of expresso in your Flat White Coffee


Yoga with light weights set to different music themes.


The most empowering class we offer at FPY. There is nothing great than seeing people age successfully. It’s reserved for 65 & Up yet if you want to come because of injuries by all means come. This class will be a Silver Sneaker Class because we want older people in yoga versus a gym trying to figure things out on their own. If you have a parent that has a young fun mind, bring them in! You will be amazed at how they begin to move and feel. It’s every M,W and F at 8:15am for 30 minutes.


A class for those with pain and are afraid to move because more pain may happen. THIS CLASS IS FOR YOU! We use a chair. It’s 30 minutes. It’s just for you so come enjoy being pain free! Often we are people’s last resort before heading for surgery. We should be people’s first choice because yoga can eliminate pain when done daily. This class is 30 minutes Monday through Thursday. You cant get better no moving. You have to move and it has to be done daily to eliminate your pain naturally. Poping pills masks the pain yet al the side effects aren’t worth band-aid as pills can damage organs. If you are in pain, come all four days for two weeks and see how you feel. We bet you stay for life.