We have done the hard work! We have made the mistakes! We have been in the black from the first month and have stayed there for 6 years. We are the creators of Fast Paced Yoga for real people wanting to use yoga to feel great and look great. We are highly selective of who carries our brand. We are for the professional who wants to change careers to enjoy hanging with cool people that pay you. We turn over a complete turn key operation designed to give you an exciting life with the skills and vendor relationships we have developed to be successful from our Teacher Training Process for your team to our Accounting Firm to ensure you know what your bottom line is to make great decisions based off of our experience to our expertise in SEO and website design. We have raised our kids and taught them the skills of entrepreneurship needed to be successful. The owner's three kids have been involved from day 1, played sports, and all earned free academic rides to the colleges of their choice. FPY changes lives! This maybe what you are searching for. We take call appointments on Thursday’s. Text (813) 431-8033 to set up a time if this feels like it is for you.