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At FPY, the owner, Denice McClure, is one of the best connectors in the Tampa area. It’s her passion to listen to what people do for a living or for a hobby and connect them with someone looking for the exact need.

Denice spent a year with the prestigious BNI group along with two other teachers to find out who was really good at delivering spot on customer service and quality work. Those same people she was looking for ended up becoming clients of FPY. It was a lot of networking, but worth it because she found out through BNI that while there are some shady businesses, there are also some killer great businesses. So she quit the BNI group to start her own networking group because she discovered the best business were the entrepreneurs and owners coming to FPY.

Currently, FPY has over 55 business owners and climbing who put their health as a Core Value. More importantly , you will come to find that these owners are good, honest, fun loving people who you will see everyday and know that will take care of your business need because you are both in the same boat sweating through the struggle.

So what in the world is “Hot Connections?”

You want and need a business you can trust to take care of your needs! Maybe it’s Health Insurance. Maybe it’s Technology. Perhaps it is World Class Athletic Trainers to elevate your child in their sport to the level of earning a college scholarship. Need a doctor, nutritionist, skin care advice or home improvements? At FPY, our business owners have been vetted to ensure you are not taken advantage of with huge mark ups, terrible customer service and less than top quality work.

Maybe you are business owner who has scaled your business as far as you can go, but you need a mentor/coach to help elevate you to becoming a millionaire by helping you re-define your vision, create your mission, set your goals to achieve your vision and help you through the journey of making it to the top! We have a business coach and you should have one too if you own a business.

If you’re in need of a product or service from a business you can trust, visit our business solutions page to view videos of the C.E.O.’s and the products and services that they offer.