Welcome to FPY! So you want to start yoga? Congratulations! It seems like people all over the United States are adding yoga to theirs lives. When FPY opened it’s doors in 2013, there were 311 millions people in the USA. Of those 311 million people, only 45 million people did some form of daily exercise. Of those 45 million people, 23 million people did yoga. Yoga was the fastest growing form of fitness in the nation in 2013! People were trading in their tennis shoes to go barefoot on a yoga mat! I was one of these people who threw away her tennis shoe after her last child was born 15 years ago. I have always exercised in group fitness classes as well as loved 5K’s. However, it seemed that I was always milking an injury, recovering from a strain or sore. I just thought that was the norm. Then one day a friend invited me to my first power yoga class in a heated room. I was so darn busy. I was a chemist operating as a Manufacturing Manager, I owned a Historic Country in built in 1818 where I lived with my three kids, 4, 5 and 7 and served a 7 course dinner that I prepared for 40 guests every Saturday Night. I woke up every morning and worked out at 5 at the YMCA in a group fitness setting. Life was good yet so exhausting so starting yoga was the last thing I wanted to do. I went because my friend seemed so together and had so much fun being a wife and a mom as well as owning a business where people were always happy. My first experience was horrific! Yet she told me to come back the next day. I did. It got a little better. By day 5, I was hooked. It’s been 15 years and there isnt a day I dont do yoga. Life became so much easier and I had more time to be fun mom and work hard at my career. I know that sounds strange that adding another thing onto my bust plate would make more time for me but it did and it has to all the people that come here. I want your first experience to be much better than mine so I put together this short 45 minute Beginner’s Series where I want each person except kids to start. I say no kids from 7-20 because they are invincible brain wise at that age so I let them explore any class they wish without taking a class that teaches them to slow down and enjoy the ride. They want to move fast so I let them!

Now let’s get to the real reason you are here! Physically and mentally, you want to feel GREAT! You want to not ache when you get out of bed. You want the best body you can achieve without spending all day on it. You want to slow the aging process down. And above all, you want to feel alive, ready to be the best spouse, parent, friend, employee, employer and business owner you can be! All of that will happen for you here at FPY. It happens to everyone here! Yet, it’s pretty scary to take those first steps into a yoga studio because of many preconceived notions people have about yoga. One visit at FPY and your preconceived notions will go out the window of what you thought was yoga.

What is it about FPY that motivates people to make it to a mat like an appointment rather than trying to fit it into their busy lives? There is truth to the old adage that there is strength in numbers. Over the years since our doors have been open, we have had a 95% retention rate of people who incorporate yoga into their lives 4 to 5 times a week after they start. Our customers stay for years on end.

We want everyone new to FPY to take our Beginner’s Class on Saturday’s. We have found that everyone who starts this way stays on a mat for years. Plunging into our style maybe ok for some people, but we can guarantee you that if you take our Beginner’s class, your first experience will be the very best it can be! We have developed a 45 minute BEGINNER”S CLASS (FREE OF CHARGE) with the owner of FPY, Denice McClure. It is on Saturday’s from 9:30-10:15am. You will need to schedule what Saturday you can start by texting 813 431-8033. At the end of the class if I did a good job and you feel it’s what you have been searching for we will either choose Sunday at 6:15pm or Monday at 10:15am or 6:30pm to be where you will have your FIRST EXPERIENCE! Your First Experience is on me! Here is my guarantee to you. If your first experience wasn’t great, I will give you an hour of my time to privately teach you so your second experience is better. My time goes for $150 an hour. I want you to be a part of FPY if you want to be a part of it so this guarantee is worth it to make.