At FPY, the only Teacher Training we do is for teachers that will be part of the FPY Team. We interview teacher candidate and only select six for each FPY location. Our selection process is tough and our training even tougher. Our teachers start teaching positions with hands on teaching real classes using the tools we teach and apply. We dont produce 200 Hour Yoga Alliance Teachers. WE HAVE OUR OWN TRADEMARKED TRAINING: AMERICAN YOGA CERTIFICATION which is a 750 hour training with 200 hours being an apprenticeship of teaching real time classes. We produce teachers who know how to teach to the people on mats in front of them with authority to challenge our clients physically and mentally.  Since we keep the spirituality aspect out so that every religion feels FPY is a safe place, we just teach how to deliver a fantastic experience on the mat. The training is led by Christie McClure who grows strong teachers. Christie has over 12000 hours of teaching classes. She started at 12 years old! All of our teachers have advanced education and run businesses. We want teachers who live like our clients to understand that life is never going to be balanced, yet it can feel great getting through it each day when you make "YOU" a priority by being on a yoga mat daily. Cost is $3500.